Construction Updates

Calleguas and its contractor will take all feasible steps to minimize construction impacts on the public. This page is offered to advise the public of the current status of projects that are in progress. Please check often for updates.

If you have any questions about construction in your area that are not answered in the information below please contact 805.579.7128.

Salinity Management Pipeline

The Calleguas Salinity Management Project (SMP) is a regional pipeline that will collect salty water generated by groundwater desalting facilities and excess recycled water and convey that water for re-use. Any unused salty water will be safely discharged to the ocean, where natural salt levels are much higher.

 Grandsen Pump Station, Phase 2     

Grandsen Pump Station, Ph 2

The construction of the Grandsen Pump Station, Phase 2 Project will include the addition of two pumps to the existing completment of three pumps originally constructed in 2009 at this existing site.  Other work will also be completed at the site to facilitate delivery of water throughout Calleguas' service area.

Construction of Phase 2 is underway and is expected to be completed by later 2018.

Proj 494 Site Map

Wellfield Emergency Generator

The construction of the Wellfield Emergency Generators will primarily occur at Wellfield No. 2 (with some work at Wellfield No. 1 and along Grimes Canyon Road) and will include five diesel backup generators housed in a building, a fueld storage area, and an equipment yard for new electrical service to the wellfield.  Other work will also be completed at the wellfields to support the new facilities.

Construction is expected to be completed by mid-2020.